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VIP Design Day

Save time with a VIP Design Day intensive!

I know that you want to be a successful therapist and coach. To do that, you need to grow your business and income. The problem is that you’re already drowning in client work, content creation, and finding new leads, leaving NO TIME for you to work on your own business and be present for your family.

As a result, you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, and demotivated.

I believe that you deserve to have more than enough time left over to spend time with your family.

So, if every time you look at your website you are thinking:

And you are tired of googling endlessly trying to get your website to match the visions in your head...

Let's spend the day together and get things finally done.

A VIP Design Day gives you my full, undivided attention where we focus on your website project.

So what is possible with a VIP Design Day?

With a VIP Design Day you get a professional website designer’s undivided attention on YOUR business for a full day, the ability to be more involved in the design process, and a faster turnaround.

A one page

Create a brand new one page website with a strategic design.

Redesign or refresh your website

Restructure and updating branding elements on your existing website

Simple mini
brand identity

Develop a text based logo, color palette and font choices

A long form
sales page

Build the design for a long form sales page

Not sure what can get done in a VIP Design Day?

Book a discovery call and we can discuss your specific project.

VIP Design Day

Hire me for a full, non-interrupted VIP Design Day to work through your punch list of website design updates and tech bugs. We can design a one-page website, refresh your existing website, create a sales page, or mini brand identity.

A VIP Design Day includes:

Your investment for the VIP Design Day is $1200

50% payable upfront & 50% on the day

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alexandra schianu regression therapist website design.png

It’s important to note when you book a VIP Design Day, you’re booking me for the time, not a set of deliverables. But, the nature of VIP Design Days is efficiency. I am good at what I do and I’ve created a streamlined and efficient system that allows us to achieve maximum results in minimum time. Results are heavily dependent on the Client having ALL pre-work completed before the VIP Design Day starts and is available to provide feedback quickly during the VIP Design Day.

How VIP Design Day works:

Get started right away with getting leads and booking new dream clients.

Before VIP Design DAY

You will book a day that you know you can commit to providing all content at least a week before – images, integrations and copy – as well as be available for any communication and revisions during that day!
You’ll need to be virtually “available” during your VIP Design Day, so don’t choose a date that is already full of meetings and appointments.
Then we will schedule a strategy session for us to map out your VIP Design Day.

VIP Design DAY

During your day, I’ll start early on your project and we’ll communicate via a messaging app to collaborate as I work through the design. You will want to make sure you are available for any questions, concerns, and feedback.
I’ll keep you updated on progress throughout the day and at the end hand over all of our completed work!

After the VIP Design DAY

After your VIP Design Day, I’ll be accessible via email for any follow-up support for 14 days! During this time, you can ask me anything about the work I did during the VIP Design Day.

You can reach out if you find yourself confused or stuck on anything related to the work that we accomplished. I’ll provide feedback to you or a video training so you’re confident in the next steps!

My goal is to create websites my clients love.

What my clients say about working with me
on their website design projects?

VIP Design Days are the best solution for doers and go-getters who want to get “it” done. With all of the same quality and none of the back-and-forth of a typical design project.

The collaboration with Roxie Hristev was great, punctual, and fast. I appreciate the professionalism, patience shown, and also efficient communication. Throughout the project (and beyond), I could ask anything without fear of being ignored. I wholeheartedly recommend Roxie Hristev!
Dory Chiriac
Thank you so much, Roxie, for all your help in creating the website and for all your advice. It was the easiest, with no headaches or stressful experiences. I highly recommend you!
Andreea Vasconcelos Sava
I highly recommend Roxie. She is a true professional. I had a wonderful collaboration with her. Everything went flawlessly. Roxie understands perfectly what your needs and desires are for your project, and puts them into practice extremely quickly. Thanks again for the wonderful website you have developed for me.
Sabina Rugina

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions I receive about the VIP Design Day.

At the moment, I only take 4 VIP Design Days a month and I’m typically booked out 3-4 weeks in advance. If you are planning for a launch or need to get your project done within the next 1-2 months, I recommend reaching out as soon as possible. 

Depending on your goals and the size of your project I may recommend booking a website project. However, we can get a lot done in one day. If you need a little bit more time than just one day, you can book a back-to-back VIP Design Day. Not sure how much time we’ll need for your project? You can send me an email at [email protected] and we’ll find a solution.

Currently VIP Days are $1,200. A 50% non-refundable deposit is necessary to secure your date on the calendar and the remaining balance is due on our VIP Design Day.

Before our VIP Design Day, I’ll need your design wish list in the order of importance to you. I’ll also need any necessary copy, graphics, images, or brand guidelines. Before the VIP Day, I’ll check in with you with any follow up questions and ask for any additional information that I may need. The more information I have upfront, the more I can get done!

You can reschedule within 7 days prior to your booked intensive. This provides the time for me to fill your spot.

Since I have a very limited number of spots for VIP Design Day, there will not be any refunds given. If you absolutely can’t make our VIP Day then you can rebook within 60 days.

The 14 days post intensive email support it’s reserved only for questions and tech issues. If you need additional changes you can book another VIP Design Day or a half-day at a discounted price.

Of course! Any returning client benefits of a special discounted offer for the VIP Design Day and the opportunity to book a half day if needed (available exclusively for past clients).

VIP Days run from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST/EEST (I’m based in Romania), with a half hour break for lunch at noon. If you are in a different time zone and these hours are difficult for you, we may be able to adjust the times slightly, or have the option of splitting the VIP Day into two half day sessions.

What if you could get everything done in just 1 day?

Ditch the overwhelm and get back to focusing on what you do best!

Straightforward process

Follow a clear process that completely takes the stress out of getting a website.

Quick Communication

Have clear, prompt communication because my eyes are just only on your business for the day.

Amazing results

Get the website you’ve been dreaming of in less time than you can imagine!

Ready to make some unbelievable progress?

Don’t handle ALL the work yourself. Don’t be held back. Book a discovery call and let's discuss your specific project.

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