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Oana is the founder of Biciusca Media, a content and social media management agency. Her business addresses women entrepreneurs in Romania and abroad with content that attracts ideal clients through engaging, educational content that meets their needs so that they love the brand and will always recommend it.  With this digital agency web design they want to transform businesses from being completely unknown to being loved by their potential clients because they trust what they are offered before they buy.

For this digital agency web design project, I wanted visitors to feel a strong sense of trust and that their business would bring you results, so I added in multiple places and pages elements of social proof like testimonials and clients’ logos.

With Oana’s digital agency web design, we wanted visitors to feel the confidence that they can grow the business without limits, confidence that they have the necessary expertise, authenticity, approachability, that they feel understood and seen, that they feel they are their friend and that they can have a close relationship, that they can do what they like in the business while they do the marketing. To feel that they are creative and that they don’t have to be afraid to dream.

The photos of Oana herself were used throughout the digital agency web design project so that visitors could start to become familiar with who she is and what she’s passionate about.

Oana’s digital agency web design project was a Website in a Week service, which is ideal for new small businesses looking for a quick, uncomplicated, and professional-looking website with a quick turnaround! 

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“It was such a pleasure to work with Roxie. I felt listened to and understood every step of the way. Thank you, Roxie! You are part of my success.”

Oana Biciusca - www.biciuscamedia.com

digital agency web design project
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